She Said: Don't Over Do It

by leslie 6. May 2012 11:25
Dear Dr. B Healthy,

Thanks for the comforting advice. It’s such a relief to know I can successful without having to be Ultra-anything, except ultra-cute and ultra-fun.  I’ll untie my running shoes and breathe a sigh of relief.

So now that my psyche is intact, and thanks for dubbing my brain “the easy part”, let’s talk about the topic that’s the undercurrent of this banter: overdoing it.

You’ve probably treated many patients who crawled into your office on a Monday morning after having begun an exercise regime.  Most of the time such weekend athletes have adopted a new devotion to physical fitness or are just plain bored after sitting on the couch all winter. They dive into a workout with the gusto of the NFL rookie who was the last to be drafted. After two workouts they’re exhausted, in pain, disillusioned, and probably using a few words not fit for this blog.

And this is a good result. How many of us have returned from a training track, a basketball game or boot camp session with an injury?

So my questions for your sage medical wisdom are:

Why does it take a day or two for joints and muscles to ache?
Why do we feel so good while we’re exercising and only feel the pain the next morning?
Why, if it’s so good for us, do most people eschew exercise?
And here’s the biggie: Some people enjoy a natural runner’s feeling of elation, some don’t. Are some people predisposed to feeling the health effects of our bodies’ natural pain killer, endorphins?  

As always, I’m impatiently awaiting your keen response.



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your post again seems to me that its simply awesome.nice post with important topics.thanks for this.

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