He Said: Don't Over Do It

by Dr. B Healthy 7. May 2012 12:32

Leslie, I have only one word of advice for you "moderation". Moderation in your goals and expectations and in your choice of exercise. Many people are thrown into a frenzy of exercise by the bathroom scale venturing into never seen before territory or a not so pleasant glance of the old body in the bathroom mirror. After taking out that cute new jogging suit and expensive high tech running shoes for a spin, the painful reality sets. Instead of feeling youthful and refreshed you feel stiff, sore and well "old". By over doing it, you break down and injure those long unused muscles and they are yelling back at you. Let's face it Leslie, is winning the 40 and over bikini contest at the local fruit and yogurt bar all that realistic or important. For most of us, increasing our exercise capacity, strengthening our hearts and maintaining a healthy weight are good goals. As for exercise, I recommend walking. It requires no more than comfortable shoes, is easy on the feet, ankles, knees and hips and is easy to recruit family and friends to join you. Plus it has all of the important health benefits of more rigorous exercise like jogging and for many is easier to sustain over time.
One word Leslie "Moderation".


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