He Said: Health Axiom #2: There Are No Bad Foods, Just Bad Amounts

by Dr. B Healthy 14. May 2012 08:57

My Dear Leslie,

I was surprised that Axiom # 2 was not going to be "chase cars to lose weight".  I guess that exercise plan works for dogs but not single women. So much for that thought.

I wish I had something witty today about dieting.  The sad truth is the long term results for 95% of dieters are not good.  Most continue to gain weight or return to their pre-dieting weight 6 months to a year after going through a dieting plan.  Some call this discouraging path yoyo dieting after repeated failed attempts at losing weight.  How many times have we seen stars like Kristi Ali and Oprah on the cover of People magazine in alternating fat and skinny outfits?  These are women that have all the resources in the world yet have difficulty in maintaining a health weight. Medical research tells us this is because our weight is the outcome of a myriad of complex physiologic and psychological processes; some tied to the survival mode of the human race.  Hopefully, we are at least ready to move the blame game of "lack of will power".

Usually, complex situations require complex and expensive solutions, especially when it comes to losing weight; bariatric surgery, exotic diets, trainers etc.  However, Leslie, there is a real pearl in Axiom #2 - just eat less of the foods you like and normally eat.  We chose foods to eat for a variety of reasons including that is what our mothers fed us and what seems to naturally taste good to us.  It is hard to fight mothers and Mother Nature.  I would add a little advice to the above - eat at least 3 times a day (breakfast is really important) and eat smaller meals.  Space your meals out throughout the day or add one or two small snacks during the day so you don't get overly hungry and binge eat.  Also, be realistic in how quickly you expect to lose weight (1-2 pounds a month for the average dieter) and your ultimate goal weight.  From a health perspective, a sustained weight loss of 10-15% significantly lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Now I am waiting with baited breath to see Axiom # 3.  What will it be? Something exotic like mud wrestling exercise programs or Twittering away the pounds I hope.  Can't wait.

Dr. B Healthy


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Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Ideas
7/7/2013 2:07:24 PM #

Yes, I completely agree with you that eating less is a potential key to successful weight loss. One diet is no better than the next when it comes to weight loss. It doesn't matter where your calories come from, as long as you're eating less.

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