She Said: Health Axiom #3: Walk Away From It

by leslie 15. May 2012 14:44
Dear Dr. B,

Because I’d already thought of it, I’m going to expound upon one of your bits of advice.

Leslie’s Health Axiom #3: Walk Away From It

I can’t recall when or where I heard the phrase ‘your ideal weight is within walking distance.’ It’s one of my absolute favorite phrases because I love the pun (how I wish I’d said it) and I’ve been practicing it for years.  

Walking is a superb exercise for just about everyone. One good pair of shoes and a good attitude is all it takes.  And yes, your brain will thank you. Some of my best ideas, answer to questions, solutions to problems have all come to me from nowhere – and always while I’m walking.  

Of course you can walk you way to enhanced cardiovascular health and weight management.

Just two weeks ago my friends Paige and Catherine recently walked - and finished - the Flying Pig Marathon. That’s 26.2 miles and many miles longer than I’ve ever felt compelled to walk. Their training must have progressed exceedingly well since I witnessed Catherine walk up a flight of stairs with no apparent discomfort the day after the race. Her only physical complaints the day after were blisters on her heels.

(She’s just trying to be a star by working the day after. I would have used the whole experience as fool proof excuse to take the day off and spend it on a massage table. Then get a spa pedicure … then back to the massage table. )  

Catherine battles the bulge everyday and is not an elite athlete by any stretch of even my imagination.  She took to walking as an everyday exercise and enjoyed it so much she became a very accomplished walker.

So my friends are living proof that just about anyone can walk their way to better health.  But you have to hoof it.  No strolling permitted.

Dr. B - I’ll leave it to you to explain how the creaky jointed among us can cope with the aches and pains of arthritis to enjoy the benefits of walking.

Next week, Axiom #4


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