1/15/15 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 16. January 2014 19:02

Well, we survived the four hour trip to Cleveland with our 3 month old!  This weekend he has been a puzzle to me.  Friday our son slept for 5 hours while he was at Grandma's during the day.  That in itself was shocking!  I was panicked that because he slept so much he wasn't going to make it very far on our trip.  He must be going through a growth spurt because he slept the entire way to our friend's house too!  When we arrived he stayed up for about an hour from sleeping so much and he took a 7 ounce bottle.  He usually only will eat a 6 ounce bottle during the night and throughout the rest of the day it's only 4 ounces.  The next 3 feedings were the same: 7 ounces!  I can only guess that he really must be having a growth spurt to be sleeping and eating this much?.  But, whatever the reason he made the drive up very relaxing and easy!

In regards to my diet, my plan was to bring all my JC meals with me and most likely we would probably go out to eat once for either lunch or dinner.  My plan failed miserably.  We accidentally forgot all of our meals except for anything JC that was "dry" shelf food.  I didn't realize how much there already was to remember to pack just having one extra body.  I'd rather it be the JC food than any necessity that FJ might have needed - now that could have made our trip awful!  So this morning I had a JC Oatmeal Raisin Bar and an orange.  I still had my Anytime Bars for today and Sunday as well as my JC evening snack.  We went out for lunch and I just had a simple Greek salad with feta for my protein, cucumbers and tomatoes on top and no dressing.  I ate a small slice of bread as my starch.  I'm hoping that this was an OK choice.  For dinner, our friends wanted to make us food but it was tricky because their idea of healthy and ours is completely different.  LOL, my friend is worried JC is "brainwashing" me so she wasn't as thrilled with wanting to prepare the food the way that would make me comfortable.  But, she did end up making ours in a separate bowl than theirs.  Here's why:  she and her husband are big believers in non-processed, local and or organic food that is as natural as possible.  I don't disagree with this it's just that that means eating high-fat butter, dressing, etc. because it has less preservatives.  I like this mentality but I'm going to be honest when I say that it's not going to give me the strict caloric intake my body requires to lose weight.  She had to make our dish separately because I didn't want any Olive Oil in the pan when the chicken was cooked, no avocado in the quinoa (because I wanted a glass of wine as my fat instead), and I didn't want any Himalayan pink salt (which is supposed to be better for you than sea salt) on our chicken.  I also didn't want any feta in the dish because I'd already had some for lunch.  So instead, we had shredded chicken (no olive oil) with lime juice, garlic, tomatoes, pepper, and mushrooms in the quinoa with broccoli.  They put olive oil on the quinoa; we had none.  I am hoping that sticking to my guns and trying to avoid all the things JC has taught me will help me avoid a weight gain from going off the program this weekend.  I certainly tried my best!


Breakfast -

JC Oatmeal Raisin Square


1 cup coffee with 2 tbsp. creamer

Snack - 

JC Anytime Vanilla Crisp Bar

Lunch - 


Greek salad (mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese) no dressing

Slice of bread

Snack - 


Dinner - 

1 cup quinoa with shredded chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, lime juice, pepper, and garlic

Broccoli no margarine

1 glass of wine

Snack -

JC Cheese Curls

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