Today’s Dangerously Unhealthy Environment

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 24. January 2014 11:45

In 2009, the International Endocrine Society declared that environmental toxins have become a grave concern for public health. Living with over three thousand chemicals in the food supply we eat plus the eighty thousand new chemicals introduced to the environment is unnatural. 

Environmental toxins are endocrine disrupters, a health hazard that many nations – though not yet the USA – have purged from consumer products. Endocrine disruptors are feminizing chemicals that interfere and often mimic normal hormonal functioning, including Estrogen and Thyroid. They may lead to breast and prostate cancer, reduced sperm count, a smaller penis and a myriad of other problems.

Even medical IV tubing, unless specially made, contains phthalates, which are eight hormone-mimicking chemical compounds, causing havoc in your hormone regulation. In our practice, safety is paramount. We have transitioned to the use of phthalate-free IV tubing, recommend the avoidance of toxin-leaching plastics and the consumption of hormone-free meat products. In some cases it may be necessary to enter a physician supervised detoxification program including IV Chelation, Colon Hydrotherapy and Far Infrared Therapy.

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