Man's Best Friend?

by Dr. Peter Hill 21. February 2014 14:19

Dr. Peter Hill

Our relationships with our dogs is much more complex than a whistle or fetch dynamic.  Dogs are good for us, well mostly. Interactions with them can have significant health benefits. As dog owners, we will tend to live longer, and have lower blood pressure.  Dogs also act as our social

‘network’, often helping us to forge long-term relationships with other people. People that own dogs, studies have found, are generally happy and more effective at work. In fact a recent study found that having dogs in the workplace made the staff collaborate more effectively in team exercises. That is one of the many reasons that a Veterinary Office is an attractive place to work…if you’re a dog lover!

Unfortunately, dog ownership does have its dark side. In the USA alone, approximately 5 million people are bitten each year.  More than half of these numbers are household pets, often those that are not trained properly and allowed to become too dominant!

You can’t live with a dog unless it is trained. Plain and simple. An untrained dog is an invitation to disaster. You can’t blame the dog either. Dogs are relatively easy to train. They want to please their owners and have a comfortable position in the home. It is important to select a breed that readily adapts to your life-style. Breeders and Veterinarians can help with this decision. Unfortunately dogs are selected on appearance or a personal breed preference that doesn’t often consider his overall care and training. Dog ownership is a major commitment but with some professional guidance can be a very rewarding experience.

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