Chiropractic’s Unique Ability to ManageRecurrence of Work-Related Lower Back Pain

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 30. May 2014 06:22

dr. carl rafey

When a patient has an injury to the spine, there are two main things that happen. First,it may go away with treatment and never come back. Second, it may go away with treatment only to return when the patient returns to work or daily activity.  This is called “recurrent” back pain.  In a recent study in April, 2011, the authors looked at the ability of chiropractic management of “recurrent” back pain to be different to other types of management including physical therapy and medical treatment.  

The authors stated, "Given that chiropractors are proponents of health maintenance care, we hypothesize that patients with work-related LBP [low back pain] who are treated by chiropractors would have a lower risk of recurrent disability because this specific approach would be used" (Cifuentes, Willetts, & Wasiak, 2011, p. 396).

Relating the results, the authors reported, "In our study, after controlling for demographics and severity indicators, the likelihood of recurrent disability due to LBP for recipients of services during the health maintenance care period by all other provider groups was consistently worse when compared with recipients of health maintenance care by chiropractors" (Cifuentes et al., 2011, p. 403).This article validates chiropractic's role in the prevention of the recurrence of back pain in patients with chronic spine disorders.

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