Too Hot For Spot - Keeping Pets Safe When Temps Rise!

by Dr. Peter Hill 1. August 2014 09:29

dr. peter hill

During this incredible, seemingly endless heat wave, it is easy to become fixated on ourselves and easily forget that our 'furry' counter-parts equally need as much care and attention so they may remain cool and healthy!

  • Never leave a dog or other animal in a parked car. Dogs can’t cool down using perspiration. Instead, they pant. A dog left in a car on an 80° day could suffer from 120° temperatures within minutes, leading to heat stroke or death.
  • Bring companion animals inside. Making sure outdoor pets have shade and plenty of fresh, cool water is great but as temperatures rise, consider bringing them inside.
  • A dog experiencing rapid panting and lethargy after being exposed to extreme temperatures may be suffering from heat exhaustion.
  • Limit strenuous activity with your dog such as jogging or taking long walks, to the early morning or late evening hours. Make sure he has access to water before, during and after this activity.
  • If your dog or cat is overcome by heat, immerse Spot in cool water or lay the dog or cat on cool, shaded grass, pouring cold water over them. Call your veterinarian immediately!
  • Keep an eye on the door. Traffic in and out of the house can be a boon for a four legged escape artist. Make sure your dog or cat wears a collar and ID tag at all times OR better yet, is micro chipped!

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