What should you do if you break a crown or veneer?-Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 17. October 2014 06:00

 What should a patient do if they break a crown or porcelain veneer? Often, these type of accidents occur after regular office hours of your dentist. The first thing that should be done is to make sure there are no other injuries, no pain and no bleeding. Control any other more pressing issues first, then worry about the crown or veneer. If the crown/veneer comes off in one piece, keep that piece, for your dentist may be able to use it. If the porcelain shatters, try to bring in the pieces to your dentist. Often, these pieces can be reattached to the tooth, if they were bonded in place. This can be a great temporary fix for what can be a "cosmetic dental emergency". The patient can then leave the office looking quite presentable and the stress level is greatly reduced. The porcelain fragments can also be used to help with shade(color) selection if it is a very difficult color to match. Lastly, the pieces can be used to make a temporary crown or veneer. Even if the pieces are on the ground and dirty, bring them in to the dentist, for they can always be sterilized prior to use. Dental emergencies are never easy, but often the situation can be brought under control easier than you think. 


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